Neutral Shampoo Creamy Type

Neutral Shampoo Creamy Type


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Contents - 1000 ml


Neutral Shampoo has a superb cleaning properties, which prevents dirt and dry suds sticking to the bodywork, even in summer periods you will only need to rinse it once! Shampoo has anion properties which allows it to create crazy amount of suds giving you an additional layer of safe contact with the bodywork. We strongly recommend using the shampoo with our ‘SMOOTH EGG Creamy Soft Sponge’ to fully unleash the potential of this product.


1. Wet ‘SMOOTH EGG Creamy Soft Sponge’ first.

2. Pour solution directly onto sponge, or put 5 caps of shampoo into a 20L detailing wash bucket.

3. Lather sponge, if washing with bucket, agitate to allow air to create foams.

4. Glide sponge over body surface in horizontal motion, do not travel backward, compress sponge to release more water and suds.

5. If there is dirt on sponge surface simply squeeze to create suds to lift off dirt.

6. Rinse car after completing process.

7. Wipe off all water drops remaining on surface with a clean or absorption towel.
If water drops remain on surface, it may cause spots or stains.